Tournament Highlights

1 Curry cut 32+6+5 hard to save the defeat, Warriors 3 points and loses
2 Embiid and Simmons sluggish performance, 76ers upset and lost to Partridge
3 Huesca repelled Elche 3-1 to escape the relegation zone
4 Wolves 1-0 away win over Fulham to end five league games without winning
5 Recounting the Kudla racial discrimination controversy, Camara: "He called me you X dirty monkey!"
6 Gerard Moreno's penalty ensures Villarreal edges over Dinamo Zagreb 0-1 in Europa League quarter-finals first-leg tie..
7 Ibañez turns from zero to hero after scoring Roma's 1-2 away late winner against Ajax..
8 Manchester United 2-0 away win over Granada to seize the opportunity to advance
9 'Pathetic' Arsenal stunned 1-1 by Slavia Prague at stoppage time after missing chances after chances!..
10 Brown and Tatumzi scored 57+20 in the double, and the Celtics beat the Knicks 101-99..
11 Trey Yang Bai scored in double figures, Allen scored 30 points wildly, and the Grizzlies 131-118 "killed" the eagle..
12 The Spurs lost to the Nuggets 96-106 and suffered a four-game losing streak
13 Rockets 102-93 upset at home to repel the Lone Ranger
14 Schupo-Morting scored one center post, Mbappé scored twice, and Paris Saint-Germain beat Bayern Mooney in 2-3 in the snow..
15 Nets 139-111 bloodbathed Pelicans return to the first throne in the Eastern Conference
16 Wizards 131-116 break through the magic to end the four-game losing streak
17 Ten consecutive victories! Inter Milan's 2-1 home win over Sassuolo with 11 points leads the championship
18 Ronaldo and Dybala's strike enough to earn Juventus a narrow 2-1 win against Napoli to move up to third..
19 Chelsea beat Porto 2-0 to advance to the semifinals
20 Brooks and Valanciunas scored 48 points together. Adebayor's triple-double was useless. The Grizzlies played 112-124 off the Heat..

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