Tournament Highlights

1 After 16 years of falling leaves back to root, Gasol returns to Girona
2 Immobile double shot, Lazio beats Lokomotiv Moscow 3-0
3 Zaniolo shot Abraham with double shots, Roma defeated Solya 4-0 and qualified ahead of schedule
4 Mbappé scored the goal and the savior was difficult, Jesus passed the shot and made great achievements, Manchester City 2-1 reversal and Paris hand in hand to qualify
5 Messias came off the bench and turned the tide, AC Milan 1-0 away at Atletico Madrid retains a glimmer of hope
6 Lewandowski upside down the golden hook to win over the audience, Zigankov in the post, Bayern Munich in the snow 1-2 away from Dynamo Kyiv..
7 All three youth academies "graduates" scored, and Chelsea beat Juventus 4-0 with perfect revenge..
8 Cristiano Ronaldo and Sanchoqi fired, and Manchester United beat Villarreal 0-2 to advance to the round of 16.
9 Morant scored 32 points, Jackson soared to a lore with 3 points, Gobert had double figures, and the Grizzlies beat the Jazz 118-119..
10 Stay and fight again! The Football Club of England announced the completion of a contract extension with Southgate..
11 Pedri won the 2021 Golden Boy Award winning speech..
12 Manchester United next stop? Enrique responded sarcastically: "Is it April Fool's Day?!"
13 It was Ligue 1 again, Payette was hit by a water bottle again, and the Lyon-Marseille league game was cancelled! ..
14 Hoibel and Reggieron each made their own defensive generals. Tottenham Hotspur made a 2-1 reversal and won..
15 Cancelo Sterling "God Copy" Iniesta Messi scored a goal, Rodri made great achievements in the world, Manchester City defeated Everton 3-0..
16 Ibrahimovic chased 2 goals + made an own goal without winning, AC Milan lost 3-4 to Fiorentina and suffered the first league defeat
17 The trident of Mane, Jota, and Salah work together, Arsenal loses 0-4 to the Reds to end their 10-game unbeaten record
18 Messi made two unique goals to turn the tide, Navas wins red ten people Paris beat Nantes 3-1
19 Van der Beck scored as the savior off the bench, and Maguire scored ten reds, Manchester United lost 1-4 to Watford
20 LeBron's comeback is hard to save the Lakers' defeat, the Celtics 130-108 staged a turnaround

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