Tournament Highlights

1 Suspected of financial fraud, Juventus was investigated by the Italian Football Association, the police, the court, the Anti-Corruption Commission and other law enforcement agencies! ..
2 Smashing everything will be transferred to the Premier League coaching rumors, Atlanta officials announced the completion of a contract extension with coach Gasperini..
3 Rafinha's shot staged a lore, Leeds United 1-0 Lecquer Crystal Palace back to victory
4 Dybala and Morata both scored and scored, Juventus 2-0 away from Salernitana to stop the two-game losing streak
5 Messi was crowned the Ballon d'Or for the seventh time in his career, followed by Levan and Jorginho
6 First as the coach and then as the consultant, Manchester United official Xuan Rangnick as the transition coach
7 Mertens scored twice, Zelinsky, Fabian Ruiz scored one after another, Naples 4-0 victory over Lazio firmly in the top spot
8 The savior of Romagnoli failed to turn red, the ten Milan lost 1-3 to Sassuolo and suffered a two-game losing streak in the league
9 Jorginho scored the goal with a shot, and Chelsea drew 1-1 with Manchester United's top spot at stake
10 Marchinos double shot Messi assists and wears a cap, Neymar retreats to Paris 3-1 with a reversal of the ten Saint Etienne
11 Sane's rockets set the stage, Bayern Munich beat Bielefeld 1-0..
12 When he came back, he came off the bench and scored. Harland broke the record of the second game and helped Dortmund 1-3 reverse the away win over Wolfsburg..
13 Martinelli shot Dubravka into focus and Arsenal defeated Newcastle 2-0..
14 If Tower two cannons attacked the city, Thiago made another world wave and Liverpool beat Southampton 4-0..
15 Sosa World Boding Country, Stuttgart defeated Mainz 2-1..
16 After a lapse of a year, he was awarded again, and Pioli renewed his contract with AC Milan until 2023..
17 A legendary curtain call, Argentina international Maxi Rodríguez announced his retirement..
18 Yarmolenko scored, Nobel scored a point shot, West Ham United 0-2 away from Vienna to quickly advance to the top 16..
19 Endidi and Dhaka African-American Gemini scored together, Leicester City beat Warsaw Legia 3-1..
20 Sessegnon dyed red, Kane’s savior was unsuccessful, and Mulla 2-1 upset and killed 10 Tottenham Hotspurs..

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