Zhong Wuyan gathers stars to shine and officially announces that the Asian Games version S33 is launched.

2023-09-19 13:58

Zhong Wuyan gathers stars to shine and officially announces that the Asian Games version S33 is launched.

In a few days, King of Glory will start a new season. The release poster officially announced that the theme of the next version will be around the Asian Games , called Shining Asia. After all, this year is the first time that King of Glory will appear on the Asian Games stage. It’s a celebration. Congratulations. In addition, Zhong Wuyan’s new advanced skin, Gathering Stars, will be launched along with the new season. The long-distance player’s appearance is very eye-catching and is obviously the protagonist of the new version.

Canyon Athlete Asian Games version returns

Zhong Wuyan has short blue hair, white armor, and crystal-embellished clothing. He holds a high medal in his right hand and a giant hammer in his left hand. The overall look is very futuristic. The first Asian Games skin, I believe it will attract a large number of partners to buy it. Not only that, in the Asian Games posters, it can be seen that there are many sports-themed skins, such as Jialuo's "Arrow Breath", Lu Ban Fuzi's table tennis skin, Liu Chan's "Genius Goalkeeper", and Hua Mulan's "Youth Final Season" Wait, the planning will not be done out of nowhere, and the appearance of the other heroes will not be used to increase the number of people for no reason. They will be used as easter eggs, indicating that these skins will return in the next version.

As for the method of receiving the new skin , it has yet to be confirmed and needs to wait for the official announcement. It is rumored that it can be purchased with point coupons. The quality is epic and the price is 888 points. However, the skin is made with an Asian Games theme. It may be a wave of benefits. Just work hard. The mission can be obtained for free. The only confirmed news is that Luban No. 7's "Ping Pong Player" and Diao Chan's KPL skin "Dream Chaser Sound" have finalized their return. At the same time, they will join the mall for direct sales for the last time. They will only return in the form of prayers. Don't want to miss it. Players must seize this opportunity.

Skin Fragments Store Update

On the eve of the new season, the skin fragment store is planned to be updated in advance, and the four epics are reincarnated again. This time, the most interesting one is the epic skin "Dragon Knight" from Mozi with 2888 points, and the others are Cheng Yaojin's "Kung Fu Chef God", Tan Ji's "Maid Coffee", Bai Qi's "Starry Night Prince", Cai Wenji's "Dancing on the Green", Diao Chan's "Christmas Love Song", Li Yuanfang's "Summer of Waves", Lanling King's "Hidden Hunter", Ying Zheng's "Rock Star" , there are three types of epic skins on the shelves. When you find the skin you like, you must prepare 88 skin fragments. It is estimated that Yalian’s 6-yuan brave will also appear in the store. It is a free benefit. Everyone should make good use of the props.