Unless there is an injury or is sold Klopp: No more signings this summer

2022-07-26 13:07

Unless there is an injury or is sold Klopp: No more signings this summer

In a recent interview with the media, Premier League giant Liverpool coach Klopp expressed his views based on the club's signings, preparations and new aid Nunes.

When asked whether the club will continue to sign before the summer window closes, Klopp responded, "Unless a player has an injury problem or is sold, we will not sign any more. But of course I hope It's not going to happen and the fans don't need to pay too much attention to it."

When talking about the transfer actions of various competitors, Klopp said, "I can't say that other teams' previous operations in the transfer market were wrong. Tottenham's signings this year are in the right direction, and Not only did Manchester City have good signings, but they also sold several players to Arsenal and Chelsea."

"We're in a bit of the same situation as Manchester City and we're a little bit similar in the way transfers are handled, but we're both producing teams that have always been good and the main question is how to make the most of it. In the Premier League, qualifying for the Champions League is the number one goal. , but the process is already very difficult.”

"After reaching this goal, the team will be eligible to win the league title. When you only qualify for the Champions League for several years in a row, it is easy for the outside world to lose interest in you. Now we are looking forward to the challenges of the new season, and we are also looking forward to Have the best season."

In addition, Klopp will usher in his seventh full season in charge of Liverpool. Klopp said, "The team has changed a lot on the surface, but the basic concept of football has not changed. For example, our team has been in the past few years. There has been obvious progress and stability has also improved. In fact, the preparation for the preseason is very important, and the best training is the game, but of course there is not a game every three days, because the team needs to make the body reach a certain level ."

Earlier, Liverpool defeated Leipzig 5-0 in a warm-up match , and Nunes, one of the new signings, scored 4 goals. To this end, Klopp said, "The team and him still need time to run in, and it is unrealistic to train him to a high level after only a few days of training. Our team is really good and has been helping new players adapt. The team, but a striker like Nunes takes time because every team is different."

"Nunez didn't score in the first two games and despite only playing over 50 minutes, all kinds of comments from the outside world will come. But when he scored four goals in one game, there was talk about him The topic will be different again.”

Klopp continued: "Nunez loves it here, the Spanish-speaking players have helped him a lot, and he has started to learn English, starting from the basics, but everything is going in a positive direction at the moment."