The September event recovered performance, and the new version was the highlight.

2023-09-22 14:44

The September event recovered performance, and the new version was the highlight.

The Honor of Kings in August was unprepared and suddenly faced a crisis. Because the price of Yao Zhen Wo Hertz's skin was too outrageous and not proportional to the quality, it caused a large number of players to resent it. Millions of people chose to quit the game. Although The number of uninstalls continues to increase, and the calm planning just sent out a wave of benefits, two free Hello Kitty star skins for you to receive, and one more epic game was given away, thus replacing the broken glass hearts of players.

After experiencing a wave of tourism retreat, income has not returned to stability

Analyzing the revenue of Honor of Kings based on the revenue situation, in fact, this e-sports mobile game has not recovered from the previous incident. The revenue fell seriously in August. Although September is not over, it has still remained at a low ebb in these weeks. As The mobile games with the highest revenue have not exceeded 100 million recently, which seems to prove that they no longer have such a big advantage.

Then there is no need to rush to sink the King of Glory. It has been in operation for almost 8 years, and the anniversary is coming soon. It can be seen that the charm is unstoppable. This month, the plan has a lot of restraint in launching new skins. The fire has not been completely extinguished, so don’t mess around. Currently, there is only one Lesiodu Doomsday Mecha and the last one from Li Yuanfang’s KPL Hidden Light Team. They are not very expensive. They are both epic. The real highlight will be left in the S33 season.

Common people and krypton gold belong to each other

Let’s start with the battle pass skin. As we all know, the price has been adjusted, and then there are the companion skins of Yalian’s Six-Yuan Brave. Although these series are not expensive, they are also part of the income. They mainly target civilian players. As for the local tycoons and krypton gold bosses We are naturally eyeing Yu Ji’s dual-form glory collection, and the recharge will definitely not be short. In addition, an undecided Da Qiao Supreme skin will be put on the shelves at the end of the month. It is said that the ultimate move has fragments of various colors. When teleporting, it emits golden stars, and the special effects are very gorgeous.

Four beauties skin plan restarts

Not only that, the second wave of the Saint Seiya crossover series is headed by Sun Shangxiang's Golden Capricorn. It is rumored that the special effects are mainly dark blue. The teleportation skin plan of the four beauties is restarted, namely Yang Yuhuan, Wang Zhaojun, Diao Chan and Xi Shi, with the highest data Yang Yuhuan, the strongest representative, will be the first to appear.

A sharp-eyed blogger noticed that Marco Polo in the early access server had an extra skin grid, which might be the new Saint Seiya skin. As for event skins, Miyamoto Musashi’s 2023 World Championship is about to be launched. After the new version is launched, Tianmei will make a major attack and work hard to recover the performance lost in August.