The countdown to the S31 season begins. Is this year's world champion Yingzheng or Luna?

2023-06-03 14:25

The countdown to the S31 season begins. Is this year's world champion Yingzheng or Luna?

The S31 season has been with the players for a month and a half. Due to the delay of last season, the cycle of this season has been shortened. It should have entered the middle of the season, but in fact it has already reached the late stage. The S31 season will probably end between the beginning of July. It is estimated that the date will be around July 1st. I wonder if you have taken the King's Mark? The Haidu season is only in its second season so far. You have to save four seasons of the king's mark, and you can directly receive an epic season skin when you change the season. Players need to work harder, especially this season.

Added a 30-second timer to Juggernaut

Although the S32 season has not been officially launched, the experience server has already undergone many major changes. After a major version update, this means that some new gadgets will be released in the official server. So what new adjustments are planned to be added in the S32 season? The official has made optimizations in the details of the game, especially the kill replay, so that players can see the characters they were killed and the amount of damage, as well as the damage of related skills, etc.

Not only that, but also planned to add the function of offsetting the defensive towers of friends, the function of selecting enemies first for wild monsters, and the 30-second refresh countdown of the tyrant master. It seems that the two sides are going to fight to the death in the dragon buff area, squatting on the grass or team battles. For news about hero adjustments and new season skins, please wait patiently, but I can give you some previews.

Zhuge Liang selection linkage

There are three skins for the global selection of Glory of Kings. They belong to Hua Mulan, Sun Shangxiang and Wang Zhaojun. Players began to guess which hero this year will belong to, predicting several possibilities, but the official came forward to refute the rumors and announced the answer. The skin will be It is Zhuge Liang's Crane Feather Xingzun skin.

Although this skin has been on the shelves of the international server for several years, it is now announced that it will enter the selection linkage, which still arouses the players' expectation. After all, the special effects are different, and the quality is first-class. The sword is so handsome, not to mention that Zhuge Liang's collection of glory has been negatively criticized, and there is no new work recently. After the official adjustment, the mage is now officially returning to the middle lane. Presumably players are placing their trust in his selection linkage Skin, I hope the official design will not disappoint. The specific launch time is yet to be announced, and it is predicted that it will officially debut within two months.