The countdown to the S31 season begins. Is this year's world champion Yingzheng or Luna? (two)

2023-06-03 14:29

The countdown to the S31 season begins. Is this year's world champion Yingzheng or Luna? (two)

The high-profile global selection of skins has been released. The hero candidate is Zhuge Liang. The high popularity, statistics and unique harvesting mechanism will definitely increase the sales of skins. I don’t know what a mage will do after wearing the shape of a swordsman. In-house special effects? In addition to selecting skins, players are also very concerned about the annual World Championship skins. Every year, the World Championships welcomes two high-quality skins, one is an FMVP skin exclusive to professional players, and the other is a World Championship legend skin.

Choose one of the world crown skins

Let’s talk about the FMVP skin first. The hero is almost finalized. It was given to Donghuang Taiyi and put on the shelves during the game. Although Donghuang Taiyi has little chance to appear on the stage, the annoying ult mechanism has led to being banned for a long time. The FMVP skin has always been The quality is recognized by players, and I hope the data will not affect sales.

The World Crown skin is a breakthrough in the skin design of Glory of Kings. The quality is almost impeccable. It is not inferior to the Glory Collection. The price is 1788 coupons. The World Crown skin for several years has been given to fighters and assassins. It is a mage skin. According to the blogger's revelations, the candidate can be either Luna or Yingzheng, but the possibility of Yingzheng is relatively high.

The major planner put the well-received skin over the years on a hero with a low appearance rate. Besides, Luna’s appearance rate in the professional arena is not high. The strength is there, and the gradient reaches T0. Unfortunately, the mechanism is too complicated and not many people in the community can control it. , there is absolutely no reason to launch a best-selling skin series for Luna. On the other hand, Yingzheng needs coupons to purchase heroes, but the first charge can be obtained for free. A high-quality world crown skin is launched for him, which can also attract players to spend more, recharge to buy heroes, and increase their gold-absorbing ability.

Three Glory Collection Skins

It is said that this year the Glory Collection Store will add three new members, namely Han Xin, Lu Bu and Yao, three popular heroes. First of all, Han Xin’s theme will have four forms. , according to the design time, I am afraid that it will not be launched until next year. Since the ownership and ownership may not be officially confirmed, everyone should wait for the official announcement.