The artificial intelligence has evolved again, and the qualifying match is mixed with players to talk together. (two)

2023-05-26 15:12

The artificial intelligence has evolved again, and the qualifying match is mixed with players to talk together. (two)

In the past, artificial intelligence was a machine that enhanced self-confidence for cute newcomers. It mixed into the crowd and became an actor to deliberately lose to facilitate the ranks. It even allowed players to occasionally enter the man-machine mode to challenge difficult training techniques and operations. After years of development, the players said The "weak chicken artificial intelligence" began to extend to the qualifying match between Xingyao and the strongest king. If you find that the opponent you are talking to is a human machine, will you be disappointed several times?

Human-opportunity dialogue, exaggerating each other

To what extent has the current king man-machine developed, and why man-machine appeared in the middle segment, we will understand the ins and outs of the matter. A while ago, an anchor shared his story of playing Xingyao game. First, heroes were banned before the start of the game, and Zhang Liang, Guan Yu, and Cai Wenji were banned on the opposite side. Then the heroes were selected in the order of floors 1, 2, 3, and 4. According to the network According to the rumors on the Internet, these signs indicate that the game has hidden humans and machines, and curiosity is the cause. This player talked to them, first greeted the enemy hero, but no one paid attention, so he sent another sentence "Shangguan Wan'er, what are you doing?" .”

The tone of reply is not at all human

A strange thing happened, and Shangguan Wan'er replied "I don't know, what am I doing", the average human player would not have such a reply, faced with this kind of ironic question, as an enemy, he would reply a long time ago They scolded you to the sky, but their reply was very weird, and then the player ran to ask Sun Shangxiang what he was doing, and the other party's reply was "Don't ask me what I am doing, just ask."

Then it was Xiang Yu's turn, and he said "Xiang Yu, you can't do it, I killed you alone", and the reply he received was "You will know if I can do it later." This kind of tone makes people feel like they are talking to someone , the scariest thing is that the opponent will occasionally exaggerate our teammates, but the tone is completely inconsistent with the human language. It can be basically concluded that he is playing ranking with the human machine. This kind of super intelligent human machine, some bloggers call it In order to "awareness man-machine", it is said that the official is exploring AI to minimize man-machine flaws.

What will happen to the game environment of Glory of Kings if "conscious man-machines" are flooded? We don't know whether the purpose of man-machines is to balance the game environment or increase the difficulty of the game.