The artificial intelligence has evolved again, and the qualifying match is mixed with players to talk together. (three)

2023-05-26 15:15

The artificial intelligence has evolved again, and the qualifying match is mixed with players to talk together. (three)

The current qualifying match for the strongest tier has begun to include some conscious humans and machines. It can be seen that the strength is far higher than that of low-tier actors before. Many players are curious, for example, if five humans and machines are against five professional players, what will the game winning rate be? Is Awakened Human-Machine qualified to challenge professional players? The answer is yes.

AI can beat professional players

With today's AI technology, the human-machine of Glory of Kings is definitely capable of defeating professional players, and it is very easy. Although e-sports games pay attention to teamwork and on-the-spot reactions, the computer's unimaginable cooperation and ultra-precise skill release , enough to knock the players out and watch the crystal explode in despair, as this happened once in 2019.

Many arrogant and conceited players complained about the strength of the Awakening Human-Machine , saying that they had passed the twentieth level of the Awakening Mode. , revealing more flaws, it is a test to verify how far the strength of the man-machine can go, and it is not intentional to make things difficult for the players.

AI chat technology is immature

What players need to know is that the difficulty of the man-machine mode can be adjusted flexibly. Just lower the intensity and you can easily mix into any rank, imitating the game mode of human players. If you carefully adjust the intensity to the highest level, I believe that no one in the canyon can beat it , including professional players. Now that high-end man-machines are emerging one after another in the high ranks of the qualifying competition, why the peak competition has not penetrated artificial intelligence, it is not that the king cannot do it, but the official does not want to do it.

There is no doubt that the technology of man-machine is superior, but there are flaws in the interaction, such as the dialogue, the sentences used, the dialogue, and the settlement are not as random as human beings. The man-machine in Glory of Kings is not focused on dialogue. Even the most popular Chatgpt, an AI technology that specializes in chatting and answering various questions, cannot speak like a normal human, let alone the man-machine in the game.

Does the emergence of artificial intelligence mean that the glory of the king has begun to cool down? This idea is too pessimistic. What is the official intention? It is a question worth exploring? Why on earth are the computers that send points for low segments strengthened and placed in high-end games?