The artificial intelligence has evolved again, and the qualifying match is mixed with players to talk together. (Four)

2023-05-26 15:19

The artificial intelligence has evolved again, and the qualifying match is mixed with players to talk together. (Four)

The official began to infiltrate high-intensity man-machines into the high-end qualifying rounds . Is it related to the popularity of the game? The popularity of the game has decreased. This is the player's speculation. The actual thing is strange. In the end, the official still retains the original intention. The reason is inseparable from enhancing the player's confidence and sense of game experience, mainly to optimize the game environment.

As we all know, bad performances are prevalent, actors and players are everywhere, the phenomenon is out of control, and the planning is almost useless. Everyone resents why the planning does not severely crack down on bad performances. Those who are passive in the game should do a good job of reporting Mechanism, increase the punishment, and punish all abnormal game players. You can point out that there are a lot of bad players, which proves that the number accounts for a large proportion. As long as the official announcement punishes these people, it will only attract a large number of players to quit the game.

The ELO mechanism takes care of the weak and optimizes the game experience

In addition, Glory of Kings has a unique mechanism called the ELO mechanism, which records the hidden points of players, so as to balance the game environment and give the weaker some game experience. If there is a real contest, basically everyone will stagnate. People are born to be good at playing e-sports games, so the official had to sacrifice the strong and arrange to form a team with the weak to help lead them to fly.

The weirdness behind the ELO mechanism has caused many people to frequently lose streaks, and then get depressed and vent their emotions to reality. The whole person is crazy, can't eat, and is easily irritated. This is also an unavoidable situation. As an e-sports game, the only thing that can be played is competition. Everyone’s level is different. If we continue to follow this logic, then the loser will always be the loser until they practice their skills well. If it continues, the level is low players are gradually excluded, and high-level players become a minority. In the end, this game has become an exclusive game for experts. How long do you think it can survive?

Conscious man-machine appeases losing streak masters and improves game competition

That's right, as an e-sports game, this should be the law, but the game needs funds to operate. In order to take care of the emotions and experience of the weak, there is an ELO mechanism. For low-level players, it is a kind of salvation. High-level players The player is the bottomless abyss. The rookies are taken care of by the ELO mechanism, and the single masters only need to send enlightened intelligence to buffer their losing streak, improve the competitiveness of the game, and hone their skills by the way, killing two birds with one stone.

The king does not allow himself to lose too many players, so he has no choice but to rely on the ELO mechanism to maintain the game experience and greatly optimize the game experience. When a more humanized matching mode is launched in the future, according to everyone's level settings, this game should reach a new high. The only regret is that we Start fighting against man and machine, more than humans.