Manchester United has another injury! Four key players feared missing FA Cup final through injury

2023-05-26 15:03

Manchester United has another injury! Four key players feared missing FA Cup final through injury

Today, Manchester United beat Chelsea 4-1 in the last second Premier League game of this season, locking in the top four in the Premier League and securing a place in the Champions League next season. However, the 23-year-old striker Anthony was suspected of suffering a serious injury during the game and is likely to enter the FA Cup final injury list.

After Manchester United's 31-year-old midfielder Casemiro opened the scoring in the sixth minute of the first half, Anthony was thrown back hard by Chelsea's 23-year-old defender Trevor Chalobah in the 29th minute. , At that time, he was unable to stand while clutching the affected area, and even had a painful expression. The injury seemed to be quite serious.

Anthony was then taken off on a stretcher and replaced by striker Marcus Rashford, 25, who was placed on the bench after returning from injury in recent weeks. The substitute teenager also contributed Manchester United's fourth goal of the game in the 78th minute.

It is reported that Anthony covered his face when he was taken away, and he seemed to shed tears on the field due to the pain of his injury, and then he was sent to the locker room for preliminary diagnosis and treatment. And Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag was also on the sidelines to comfort the injured key player.

Manchester United has another injury! Four key players feared missing FA Cup final through injury

Anthony moved to Manchester United from the Eredivisie giants Ajax with a transfer fee of 95 million euros last summer. He has always been an important figure in the team's offensive line. He played 39 games in the English League in his first season at Manchester United Cup, Europa League and Premier League matches, contributed 7 goals and 2 assists, is one of the heroes who helped Manchester United secure the Champions League qualification, win the Carabao Cup and enter the FA Cup final this season.

With Anthony injured in the game today, it is likely to affect his playing status on behalf of Manchester United against Manchester City in the FA Cup next Saturday.

It is understood that it is not clear which part of Anthony's leg is injured, but the visual inspection of Anthony's injury is likely to be a serious injury, which makes people worry about whether this key striker can play in the FA against a strong enemy next week cup final.

In this regard, Manchester United coach Ten Hag said after the game that Anthony's injury is likely to be at a serious level, but it must wait at least one day before the team can learn more about Anthony's injury through hospital examinations.

The injury of key player Anthony will undoubtedly deal a major blow to Manchester United before participating in the FA Cup final to compete with Premier League champions Manchester City for their second Champions League of the season.

At the same time, two key players in Manchester United's injured lineup, 29-year-old midfielder Marcel Sabitzer and 25-year-old defender Lisandro Martinez, have confirmed that they will not be able to play in the FA Cup final due to injury. The 27-year-old starting guard Luke Shaw, who left the field during the halftime break of today's game, is also in question in the final game.