In the video game skin event, players can get two new skins from one treasure chest.

2023-06-04 14:59

In the video game skin event, players can get two new skins from one treasure chest.

The video game skin event was rated as the most conscientious event in the near future. The main reason is not only the free acquisition of Liu Chan's styles, but also the big discounts for Lan and Cai Wenji's packages. In addition, the official new secret treasure of Speed Coolplay, random draw of Coolplay coins, there is a god of luck Blessed players said that they spent 90 yuan to buy 15 boxes, opened the three treasure boxes, and got 1988, 270, and 988 Coolplay Coins respectively. There are a total of 3426 Coolplay Coins, which can be directly exchanged for two new skins. More than enough. The rest are exchanged for props.

The advantage of the treasure box is that it also contains two new skins . The luckier player shared that he spent 66 yuan to draw two new skins directly, which is more worthwhile than buying in the mall. Of course, some ordinary players spent about 200 yuan before and after. Finally, I successfully exchanged the skins of Lan and Cai Wenji, but it is still more cost-effective than direct sales.

The unlucky player spent 300 coupons to buy several treasure boxes, and got a total of 300 Coolplay Coins. Each single draw will get 30 Coolplay Coins. The price depends on your hand feel and luck. If you are not lucky, you may wish to find other friends to try to draw for you, maybe you will hit the mark with one hit, and you will be happy to mention two new skins.

The mode of buying treasure chests, drawing props, and changing skins. Many players commented on the prayer activity that the price is far higher than the supreme quality. The guarantee was unknown before, and the skin price was tens of thousands. At least this time, players are given two options to buy skins. I believe luck will plan to draw Props, I like to save trouble and buy skins directly.