Glory of the King: Rare skin of the canyon, nowhere to be seen in qualifying (2)

2023-06-04 14:46

Glory of the King: Rare skin of the canyon, nowhere to be seen in qualifying (2)

The powerful ip is not only Dongfang Bubai, but also the Monkey King of Journey to the West. Unfortunately, this skin of Sun Wukong was launched too early, and it is marked as a hero quality, but the appearance is too similar to the companion skin, which is similar to the original skin. The color of skills has not changed at all, although It is a limited-year skin, and the quality is seriously out of touch. If it is replaced by the current version, the official will definitely be scolded.

As a popular jungler , I plan to launch a lot of high-quality skins for Sun Wukong, such as mech style, Guangxi Journey to the West linkage has several styles, Zhizunbao, Sun Xingzhe, Monkey King, there are countless options, who will look at it? Take this Monkey King. Some players have played the game for 5 years, and they haven't seen it a few times in their entire game career. Of course, the Monkey King has also returned once, and there are relatively few owners.

Zhang Liang Gospel of Heaven

King of Glory launched several limited-time companion skins, and they have to be purchased with coupons, such as Tanji Wonderland Alice, Zhang Liang's Heaven Gospel, Sun Shangxiang's Cannon Daughter, Cheng Yaojin Wall Street Tycoon, etc. Generally, companion skins can be exchanged for fragments. But these special accompanying skins are rarer than limited legends, extremely rare.

Frank’s Alice is occasionally used by players. Sun Shangxiang’s cannon daughter has appeared at least several times in the KPL arena. It is Yi Zheng’s love. Cheng Yaojin’s Wall Street tycoon has appeared more often, and the quality is not bad. Only Zhang Liang’s The Gospel of Heaven, no one wants to use it at all, maybe it has something to do with the quality of the skin.

The quality is bad, the companion is not as good as

Regardless of whether it is used to compare with other heroes' accompanying skins, or Zhang Liang's skin style, the word "passed" is printed on the head of Gospel of Heaven. The mockups are completely unsightly, and the poster design is weird, worse than the original.

The way to obtain the Gospel of Heaven is not difficult. Occasionally, the skin treasure box distributed in the event contains this skin. After getting the event skin "Colorful Scroll", players born in the month of Krypton Gold or Aries will choose "Golden Aries". Mengxin may think that the KPL Hidden Light Team skin "Thousands of Chips" is more cost-effective, and there is no hero to transition, so he has to buy a high-quality skin, because the 6 yuan instant kill hero skin has already been put on the shelves.