EFL Cup - Lost 2-0 to Southampton Man City eliminated

2023-01-12 08:03

EFL Cup - Lost 2-0 to Southampton Man City eliminated

In the 2022/23 EFL Cup quarter-finals, a focused match was launched. After being led by 2 goals in the first half, the "Blue Moon" Manchester City, who went to the away game, was still unable to break through the opponent's goal in the following time , and finally lost to the "Saints" Southampton 0-2 and was eliminated.

From the start of the campaign to the 7th minute, Southampton took the lead in attacking. Carl ejected in front of the penalty area and was saved by Manchester City goalkeeper Ortega Moreno. Subsequently, Palmer broke through from the wing and sent a cross, and Gundogan responded and pushed but missed.

In the 20th minute, Mara took a pass from his teammate and shot from the penalty area but missed it. In the 23rd minute, Southampton completed a steal from the frontcourt. Leyanko made a precise low pass. After Mara got the ball, he shot and scored, helping Southampton lead Manchester City 1-0.

In the 27th minute, Grealish broke through from the left and passed the ball in an inverted triangle. Palmer met the ball and pushed but was blocked by the opponent's defender. Only one minute later, Djenepo lobbed from outside the penalty area. Manchester City goalkeeper Ortega Moreno could not resolve the crisis, allowing Southampton to expand their lead 2-0.

In the 33rd minute, Manchester City continued to create threats. Grealish broke through from the left and broke into the penalty area to directly attack the goal but was blocked by the opposing player.

Haaland misses chance to score

At the beginning of the second half, De Bruyne sent a through ball, and Alvarez immediately volleyed the far corner but missed it. In the 51st minute, Southampton organized a counterattack opportunity, but Armstrong also missed the goal after cutting in from the left.

In the 68th minute, Foden made a cross from the left, and Harland ejected but it was higher than the post. In the 76th minute, when Southampton players shot the ball hit the Manchester City defender and bounced in the direction of Adams, Adams then seized the opportunity to hit the goal. However, the line referee signaled that Adams was offside first, so the goal was invalidated.

In the 88th minute, Rodri sent an overhead kick. Haaland scored with a header but was confiscated by the Southampton goalkeeper. In stoppage time in the second half, Rodri sent a cross. Foden headed forward but failed. Top side.

In the end, Manchester City lost 0-2 to Southampton in the away game and was eliminated.