Despite maintaining an 11-match unbeaten record, Southampton coach Ren believes that he can do better

2023-12-03 11:24

Despite maintaining an 11-match unbeaten record, Southampton coach Ren believes that he can do better

Following Southampton's victory in the last two English Championship games, they extended their unbeaten streak. However, coach Russell Martin said after the game that he still hopes that Southampton can achieve better results.

In Southampton's home game against Bristol City, Southampton missed several scoring opportunities, and the visiting team had the offensive advantage in the first half, but Southampton's 21-year-old goalkeeper Gavin Bazunu scored a goal in the first half. Two wonderful saves on the field successfully prevented the opponent from scoring.

Goalkeeper Bazunu first blocked the visiting team's 26-year-old midfielder Mark Sykes' close-range header from the goal line in the first half. Then Bristol City 's 21-year-old forward Tommy Conway When the ball was in front of the goal, he quickly fell at Conway's feet and intercepted the shot.

In the 47th minute of the second half, Southampton's 26-year-old forward Adam Armstrong hit the boundary from the right, and then he passed back to 26-year-old defender Kyle Walker-Peters after entering the right side of the penalty area.

After Pieters hit the ball inside with his right, he hit the ball with his left foot into the top corner of the goal, helping Southampton score the first goal. This is also Peters' second goal this season.

This is Southampton's fourth victory in the past six English Championship games, including their first home clean sheet since March. Yesterday they defeated Cardiff City 2-0 to win their fifth victory. They are currently among the top four in the English Championship standings, behind Leeds United, Ipswich Town and Leicester City at the top of the table.

Although Southampton's victory extended their unbeaten run this season and moved them top of the Championship, boss Martin believes it was not enough. He hopes that Southampton can continue to improve and gain a greater competitive advantage in the game.

Regarding this game, the Southampton coach said , "I am very happy, we had 2 terrible moments, but we dominated without any purpose of possession, and the performance in the second half was really good. But in the game In the end, I thought we needed to score more goals and we should have done that."

Martin admitted that maintaining an 11-game unbeaten record cannot be due to luck alone, so Southampton still has more things to do.

The coach also pointed out that his original expectation was that the team could score 4 goals and defeat the opponent by a big score, but in the end only one goal was scored.

Even if the second goal is scored to extend the lead, the game will be completely different, but obviously Southampton cannot fail to do this given the current situation. However, in the victory over Cardiff City, they won with a 2-goal advantage. Such results need to be maintained.

Therefore, Martin believes that although many people may think that only one wonderful goal is needed to win, in fact this is not the case, because players should score more goals to affirm Southampton and themselves.