Conte: Champions League qualification will be difficult

2023-03-14 11:06

Conte: Champions League qualification will be difficult

Tottenham Hotspur coach Conte recently expressed his views based on the situation of the Premier League this season in an interview with the media. Conte also predicted that Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United will be the top three in the Premier League in May.

Arsenal currently continues to rank first in the standings with 66 points, 5 points ahead of defending Manchester City in second place, and as many as 16 points ahead of Manchester United in third place.

In addition, in the focus of the 27th round of the Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur finally defeated the newly promoted Nottingham Forest 3-1 at home after scoring goals from Kane and Sun Xingmin. Conte's team currently ranks fourth in the standings with 48 points, 4 points ahead of Newcastle behind them.

In order to qualify for the Champions League next season, Tottenham Hotspur can only strive to score points in the next schedule to enhance their competitiveness. In addition to the competition from Newcastle, Liverpool coached by Klopp is also striving for a chance to rise to fourth place in the standings.

Conte said in an interview, "Yes, you also know very well that the competition for Champions League qualification will be very difficult, and this is also because you see the competition."

"You see a lot of teams are in the game and I think there's only one space at the moment because Man City and Arsenal are fighting for the Premier League and Man Utd I think they're trying. Maintain continuous strength to strive for a good record."

Conte continued, "I think there are many important teams involved in this game now, and we must do our best. I need to reiterate again that our top four in the league will be like winning the Premier League."

"It happened last season and I was talking about a miracle. I would go on and say maybe this season will be more difficult because Liverpool are also competitors in this fight."