Cheshire Police dropped Manchester City right-back Kyle Walker's alleged indecent exposure on woman charges..

2023-03-18 17:50

Cheshire Police dropped Manchester City right-back Kyle Walker

The Athletic quoted Cheshire Police sources on Friday and reported that the authorities had dropped Manchester City England international right-back Kyle Walker's charge of indecent exposure on a woman.

According to reports, the police have summoned Walker and the victimized woman for investigation. After hearing and investigating the testimonies of both parties, the Cheshire Police have ended the dispute by asking both parties to settle out of court. At the same time, based on insufficient evidence, the police have also dropped Walker's charges.

Earlier, according to the British gossip tabloid The Sun, the incident took place at 5 pm on the 4th of this month at a bar in Manchester's Wilmslow.

Walker and his team-mates were given a two-day break by manager Pep Guardiola following Manchester City's 2-0 win over Newcastle United. GOAL learned that Walker had returned to the club on time on the 7th of this month to participate in training session.

However, The Sun stated that the England international star arrived at the bar with his friends at 5:23 pm on the 4th of this month, and behaved intimately with several women while drunk, including kissing and groping their breasts from behind, but none of them were Walker's wife, Annie Kilner.

Then, Walker zipped off his sweatpants at a group of women, exposing his private parts in public. A woman next to him screamed and pointed at Walker. A few minutes later, Walker made a similar move. All of the above was recorded on video as Walker left the bar drunkenly and wobbly around 6:50 p.m.

According to the British Sexual Offenses Act 2003, if a person deliberately exposes his private parts with the intention of being seen and causing panic, it constitutes the crime of indecent exposure. The Sun stated that once convicted, Walker will face imprisonment or a fine.

After the incident, both Manchester City and Walker's agents refused to comment on this. Since Manchester City officially believed that this was a personal problem of the player, they did not take action against Walker.

The 32-year-old Walker has played 22 times in all competitions for the Premier League defending champion so far this season and assisted 1 time.