Check out five Argentinian players who performed well this week

2023-12-03 11:18

Check out five Argentinian players who performed well this week

As the five major leagues enter the European competition this weekend, in addition to Manchester United's 19-year-old Argentinian forward Alejandro Ganaccio, who performed the best goal for Manchester United in the Premier League, there are also 4 players from Argentina . Great performance this week.

The five Argentine players who performed well this week include Ganaccio , 27-year-old midfielder Giovanni Lo Celso, 31-year-old goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, and 30-year-old forward Paul Bruno Ek. Squire Dybala and 26-year-old forward Lautaro Martinez.

Celso scored a goal on behalf of Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League against Aston Villa at home at the weekend to help Tottenham take the lead. However, Tottenham were later overtaken by Villa and defeated 1-2. This is Celso's first goal in four Premier League games this season. He also provided a key assist in the World Cup qualifiers on behalf of the Argentina national team.

Martinez is an important goalkeeper for the national team and club. He heroically made 6 saves to help Villa reverse the situation in the Premier League against Tottenham at the weekend. He also made a crucial save in today's Premier League match at Bournemouth.

As for Manchester United's 19-year-old Garnacho, he used an upside-down golden hook to score the ball into the net in the 3rd minute of the game against Everton on Monday. Manchester United defeated Everton 3-0 in that game. An important contributor to Fulton. Ganaccio also continued his excellent performance in the fifth round of the UEFA Champions League Group A when Manchester United visited Galatasaray on Thursday. He opened the scoring for Manchester United in the 11th minute. The game ended with 3 It's a tie at 3.

Considering Garnacho's recent outstanding performance, he has established his position in Manchester United and his status is constantly rising, prompting 26-year-old forward Marcus Rashford to switch his role to the right wing.

Argentinian striker Dybala also contributed a goal and a key assist at a critical moment in the Serie A match against Udinese on Monday on behalf of Roma, helping Roma easily defeat their opponent 3-1.

Lautaro scored a goal when one point behind in the Serie A match against Juventus on Monday on behalf of Inter Milan, helping Inter Milan prevent the defeat with a 1-1 draw with Juventus. Lautaro also represented the Argentina national team in 6 World Cup qualifying matches.