Champions League - Felix scores twice as Barcelona beat Antwerp 5-0

2023-09-20 10:54

Champions League - Felix scores twice as Barcelona beat Antwerp 5-0

The first round of the UEFA Champions League Group H group stage in the 2023/24 season ushered in a focus battle. La Liga champion Barcelona, which was at home, relied on goals contributed by Felix, Lewandowski and Garvey, and finally won 5-0. Defeat Antwerp.

In the 10th minute of the campaign, Gundogan made a diagonal pass in front of the penalty area. Felix on the left side of the penalty area received the ball and then broke away from the defense and hit a low shot, helping Barcelona open the scoring 1-0.

In the 19th minute, Felix broke into the penalty area and passed the defense and passed to the back point. Lewandowski seized the opportunity and volleyed the goal, helping Barcelona turn the score into 2-0.

Lewandowski scores 100th Champions League goal

It is worth mentioning that the 35-year-old Polish star Lewandowski successfully reached the milestone of 100th goal in the Champions League, becoming the first player after Messi and Ronaldo to achieve this record.

In the 22nd minute, Rafinha met the ball on the left side of the penalty area and made a pass. Then the ball hit the opponent's defensive player and refracted into the net, allowing Barcelona to continue to lead Antwerp 3-0. In the 35th minute, Rafinha cut inside the penalty area and shot a low shot. However, the angle of the shot was too correct and the ball was confiscated by the Antwerp goalkeeper.

In the 54th minute of the second half, Barcelona continued to be in "goal mode". Balde created an offensive opportunity from the penalty area. Garvey followed up from the left and scored with a fierce shot, helping Barcelona further expand its lead 4-0. . In the 65th minute, Gundogan passed the ball from the left to the penalty area. After stopping the ball, Rafinha turned and shot but was blocked.

In the 66th minute, Rafinha sent a cross from the right, and Felix hit the goal with a header from a small angle at the back point, helping Barcelona turn the score into 5-0. In the 74th minute, Antwerp tried to counterattack. Kirk crossed from the right to the goal. When Abnol Muya shot, the ball was saved by Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegen. Then Vermeulen's supplementary shot was also blocked. resolve.

In the end, Barcelona defeated Antwerp 5-0 at home, successfully welcoming the future Champions League journey with victory.