Barcelona boss Xavi hopes he won't repeat Mourinho's behavior

2023-06-04 11:17

Barcelona boss Xavi hopes he won't repeat Mourinho's behavior

After Roma lost to Sevilla in the Europa League final, Roma coach Mourinho insulted referee Anthony Taylor. Barcelona coach Xavi said he would not repeat Mourinho's behavior.

After the Europa League final, Mourinho was angry with Anthony and went directly to the parking lot to insult Anthony. In addition, Mourinho's emotions may have also incited the Roma fans, and they also attacked Anthony. UEFA has already stated that it will punish this behavior. Discussions about Mourinho's behavior have gradually spread to other top European clubs.

At the pre-match press conference, a reporter asked Harvey about Mourinho's insults to Anthony. Xavi said: "If you feel angry and hurt in the final, everyone is free to express their feelings. But like us, I mean the players and the coaches, have to be role models."

"Just like we don't want to be insulted, we have to lead by example. Behavior is important and I hope this is never done, I don't want to give that impression," Harvey added.

Now there is only the last round of the La Liga game left. Barcelona has 88 points and is 11 points ahead of the second-placed Real Madrid. Barcelona has secured the La Liga championship.

In Serie A, there is also the last round of matches left. Roma currently has 60 points and is ranked 6th in the rankings. If Roma can defeat their opponent Spezia, then Roma can continue to play in the Europa League next season. However, if Roma does not win, but Juventus, which is ranked 7th, wins, then Roma will drop to participate in the UEFA Europa League.