Allegri: Di Maria has improved the overall level of the team

2023-02-24 11:25

Allegri: Di Maria has improved the overall level of the team

Although the Serie A giants Juventus could only draw 1-1 with Ligue 1 Nantes in the first round of the UEFA Europa League play-offs at home, but today went to the away game, Juventus completed the hat with "Angel" Di Maria After the trick, they defeated Nantes 3-0 and successfully advanced to the top 16 of the Europa League. After the game, Juventus coach Allegri also praised Di Maria as a real champion when he was interviewed.

Although Di Maria has struggled for a while due to physical problems, the Argentine star has still shown excellent ability in the past few games.

In Juventus's match against Nantes, Facioli got the ball in the frontcourt and sent a diagonal plug before scoring in the penalty area after only 5 minutes of the game. Di Maria shot directly from the penalty area line after responding Scored and helped Juventus take the lead 1-0.

In the 17th minute, Di Maria took the ball from the right side of the penalty area, broke through the defense and shot past the goalkeeper. Then the ball hit the arm of Nantes player Palois. As a result, Nantes had 10 players left to fight, and Juventus also got a penalty kick. In the 20th minute, Di Maria scored a penalty kick to help Juventus expand their lead 2-0.

In the 78th minute of the second half, after Sandro cooperated with his teammates, he shot from the left side of the small penalty area and was saved. Vlahovic picked up the ball and passed it to the goal. save. However, the referee signaled that the ball had passed the goal line, so the goal was awarded. In the end, under the leadership of Di Maria's hat-trick, Juventus successfully defeated Nantes and advanced to the top 16 of the Europa League.

"This is not an easy game"

Juventus coach Allegri said in an interview with the media after the game, "I am very satisfied with the performance of the game, especially after the results of the first leg. This is not an easy game, and here The audience is also very enthusiastic.”

Allegri also said, "Just because we were eliminated in the Champions League, it does not mean that it will be easy to win in the Europa League. It is not, but we also have the responsibility to keep working hard, just like we are in Serie A. as done."

It is worth mentioning that Juventus is currently ranked 7th in the Serie A standings, as much as 12 points behind the Champions League qualification zone, but it still won 3 consecutive league victories before. If Juventus continues to maintain a brave state, there may still be a chance to at least strive for the fourth place.

In addition, Allegri also particularly praised Di Maria, who scored a hat-trick in this campaign. "He's a champion, he's different from everyone else. It's easy for him, he raises the overall level and everyone else feels more relaxed in his presence, he's genuine," Allegri said. Champion. Di Maria always sees what others don't."